Meet Godwin Delali Adadzie

Discover the journey of a Ghanaian computer scientist and apologist.

Personal Journey

Exploring Technology and Theology: A Unique Path

Godwin Delali Adadzie is a convert to the Catholic faith (Easter 1999). He is the founder of Catholic Answers 101. He has a bachelor’s degree in Information Technology from the Methodist University of Ghana (MUG), graduating class of 2009. While there, he met many ex-Catholics who challenged his Catholic faith to the point where he had to know why he believed what he believed about Catholicism or leave the Church for good. By the grace of God, he was introduced to the world of Catholic apologetics and met wonderful Catholics online who helped him understand the faith better and cleared all the doubts sown into his mind by the former Catholics at college. This ministry grew out of his previous ministry called Sts. Peter and Paul Catechism Ministry (2007-2013). He has been active in Catholic apologetics since 2007. Most people know him for his work Let’s Talk About the Rosary and Catholic Apologetics Guide 101.

He also has a master’s degree in Theology with a focus on Apologetics from Holy Apostles College and Seminary in Connecticut, USA, graduating class of 2020. He has contributed articles to many popular Catholic websites including Ignitum Today, Catholic Stand, and EpicPew, to name a few. He has been featured on CBS News, Breitbart News, Catholic News Agency, Catholic Herald, The Christian Post, and more. His book on Catholic apologetics is widely used by Catholics around the world.

ADADZIE – How to Spell and Pronounce it with ease

So Adadzie is my surname and it is pronounce similar to “other Gee” i.e. “other G.”
You can easily remember how to spell this name using the abbreviations of Anno Domini (AD) twice i.e. “ADAD” then you add Z to it as in “ADADZ” since my name has both the first and last letters of the English Alphabet. Finally, you add ie to the end that is “ADADZIE.”

You’ve just successfully spelt my surname in an easier and fun way. Congratulations!

Academic credentials are good. However, life is not all about masters and doctorates but about Master Jesus our doctor.

Godwin Delali Adadzie

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